About This Episode

It’s probably fair to say that the finance industry has not traditionally been a hotbed of innovation.

For hundreds of years bankers and money managers have prioritised values of solidity and stability over thoughts of radicalism and experimentation.

No surprise, then, that amid the volatile and unpredictable disruption posed by climate change, the world of finance has struggled to rise to the challenge.

Thankfully that seems to be changing. The past few years has seen a rapid increase in the number of institutions and individuals joining the sustainability discourse. Some are drawn by the scent of opportunity and profit, others by a feeling of responsibility and stewardship.

Among the early movers was Munib Madni. After a successful career at Morgan Stanley Munib began to sense the tide was changing, personally and professionally. He began to immerse himself in sustainability science and theory, a process that would ultimately lead to the iteration of a new system of fund management. He called it “Panvesting”.

In this two-part conversation, Munib talks about the journey that led to the fresh perspectives and innovative systems that his new firm, Panarchy Partners, brings to the world of ESG and sustainability investing.

And in part two we address the cutting edge of this innovation – the Gigaton Coalition. It’s a strategy, a platform, a call to action that brings together investors, investees and solutions providers in a bid to reduce Asia’s overall greenhouse gas emissions by one gigaton.

Our Guest In This Episode

Munib Madni

Munib is an investment manager with a difference. The founder of Panarchy Partners, Munib champions a strategy of “panvesting”, the allocation of funds in manner that respects ‘all’ (PAN) forms of capital; Human, Social, Environmental and Financial.