Our live “joots” sessions are held in collaboration with Greater, the Next Generation Business Club that’s incubated at, and is supported by, The Great Room.

We kicked off the series with a bracing and impactful conversation with Dr Ben Horton of the Earth Observatory Singapore.

Our second session was a discussion about the rapidly changing landscape, and reputation, of the carbon credits market, this time with Mikkel Larsen, CEO of Climate Impact X.

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Carbon Controversy – Redux

Mikkel Larsen
June 14, 2024
The US government recently became the latest voice to weigh in on the increasingly heated conversation around carbon credits.The “Voluntary...
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Is Singapore Doomed?

Dr Benjamin Horton
June 13, 2024
Climate scientists Dr Benjamin Horton is an expert in sea level rise and the threat posed by melting polar icecaps....
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