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The US government recently became the latest voice to weigh in on the increasingly heated conversation around carbon credits.

The “Voluntary Carbon Markets Joint Policy Statement and Principles” is a timely call for a “commitment to integrity” from the developers who sell credits and from the companies that use them, coming at a time when the use of such credits is back in the news.

In addition, the FT, the BBC and Reuters have all been running high profile critiques of the offsets market.

Meanwhile, the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) has caused its own storm by proposing changes to the way it treats offsets, causing a backlash from its own staff.

It seems there’s an enormous amount of confusion around the issue, not to mention a considerable absence of trust.

The Joots team recently sat down with the CEO of Climate Impact X Mikkel Larsen. We chatted about trust, protocols and Singapore’s role in the climate conversation.

Our Guest In This Episode

Mikkel Larsen

Mikkel is an animal activist, a sustainability expert, and the Chief Executive Officer of Climate Impact X in Singapore.

About This Episode

Climate scientists Dr Benjamin Horton is an expert in sea level rise and the threat posed by melting polar icecaps.

He warns that islands like Singapore are in danger of becoming “the new Atlantis” if the 1.5 degree climate target is breached.

Our Guest In This Episode

Dr Benjamin Horton

Ben is the Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, a Professor at the Asian School of the Environment, NTU, and the Lead Principal Investigator of the Climate Transformation Program for Singapore.