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“Frontier” markets present a promising landscape for impact investors seeking meaningful returns and societal impact. but they are also characterized by unique challenges and opportunities,

The dynamism of these markets creates fertile ground for initiatives that promote inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and social development. Successful impact investing in this environment requires collaborative models that engage local communities, governments, and private sectors.

In this latest episode of Impact Investing Musings, Bradley Kopsick, Myanmar/Cambodia Country Director at Insitor, explores the dynamic potential of impact investing in frontier markets across Asia.

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Bradley Kopsick

Bradley is the Myanmar/Cambodia Country Director at Insitor Partners, an impact investment fund backing entrepreneurs who build life-changing solutions for low-income consumers.
Insitor was the first impact fund manager to set up operations in Southeast Asia.

About This Episode

With a funding gap in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, Asia faces a clear imperative to leverage and mainstream blended finance.

This powerful financial tool can be applied across different structures, geographies, and sectors. By efficiently using concessional capital, we recalibrate risks and returns, allowing the private sector to finance underserved markets while achieving commercially viable profits.

Nandini Chaudhury, Principal, Head of South and Southeast Asia, CrossBoundary Group, explains what blended finance means in today’s markets, and how it can be implemented at scale to attract commercial capital.

Our Guest In This Episode

Nandini Chaudhury

Nandini is an Investment Professional with 11+ years of experience in renewable energy , carbon and O&G markets. She is currently the Principal, Head of South Asia & Member of Group Council at CrossBoundary Group, focusing on climate finance transactions and impact investment in South Asia and South East Asia

About This Episode

With significant amounts of capital being directed towards impact investing, the locus of attention is on impact measurement and management (IMM).  Effective IMM is hampered by challenges such as the lack of a universal framework, inconsistent use of metrics, and impact washing.

In the latest episode of the Impact Investing Musings, Hao Liang, Associate Professor of Finance at Singapore Management University and Co-Director of Singapore Green Finance Centre, will speak on the industry progress in standard-setting, establishing benchmarks and much more

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Hao Liang

Hao is an Associate Professor of Finance at Singapore Management University, and holder of the Ho Bee Professorship in Sustainability Management. He is also a Co Director of the Singapore Green Finance Centre ·

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Is “impact investing” the same as “ESG investing”? Or “ethical” investing? Or “stakeholder capitalism”?

In this episode we consider how social and ethical considerations have long been a part of investment, and how those ideas have matured and evolved

Our Guest In This Episode

Wai Chew Chik

Wai Chiew is CEO of Heritas Capital, a PE and VC investment firm that invests across healthcare, education, environment, and technology sectors. He has more than 25 years of experience in global investment management and strategic business development, having been active in leading various companies on transformational growth strategies, fundraising and M&A.